John W. Owens



John is a hands–on DIY guy. His creative process and conceptual visual designs encompass a hybrid of analog/digital media using current and repurposed hardware and technology.

As a life–long learner, John is always looking to expand his scope of knowledge. If a project requires new expertise, John actively seeks to increase his knowledge and adapts his skill set as needed.

John’s background has given him years of experience working in a wide range of situations and settings. John enjoys working with diverse groups of people and does so with a high level of detail, tact and humor.

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Design & Teaching Philosophy

Some thoughts on Design & inspiration

A Favorite Design Quote

None of us exist in a vacuum. Everything about us, where we live and how we live, is inextricably linked to how our forebears lived. Connected to our ancestors via distinct forms, patterns, rhythms and shapes, we belong to societies that are in a continuing balancing act between forging forward and looking back. We cannot escape history and tradition.

Ypma, Herbert. London Minimum. New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1996, p 65.

There is no better way to help focus a project than knowing what your audience cares about or what media they prefer.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

These are the seven basic things that encompass my teaching philosophy.