Media Collected

Limited limitless media

This artwork was intended as series of quick drawings about the exploration of ideas without digressions on the “how to” or execution. By intentionally limiting the choice of the creative tools or media at the artist’s disposal, the objective was to push the limits of creative ideas within a defined set of media.

Restrictions or boundaries were not viewed as limits but as tools to push beyond limitations. Just as the need to make a choice should not be seen as the elimination of different avenues or directions, ink, graphite, black and white pigment, and recycled book pages were specifically chosen as the ONLY medium/media for this body of work.

Analogous of a blank page representing limitless words to a blank canvas of limitless ideas, recycled book pages were used with the text being a metaphor for the random thought noise pushing through the brain.

By tuning out the noise of limitless media, the work is a creative exploration of ideas, i.e. the exploration of creative noise through limited media hence the title of Media Collected.

John Owens
February 2014