Gaswerks Study

A Photo Essay

For an artist, studies of objects (shape and form) can act as a foundation for new work. However, sometimes it is the contextual environment of the subject and its interaction with it that serves as the basis for new work.

As with this study, it is not so much the physical forms of the objects but their contextual interaction with the physical environment. The object is subject to individual interpretation in a new era without historical context.

Polymorphic relics of an industrial age turned playground. Relics of a polluting past made anew. A connection to a past of a well meaning future hence a disconnection from past meaning.

The original purpose or meaning is no longer relevant. As a place of historical usefulness, meaning ended long ago. An industrial relic, whose distant future exists only as rusty bits of metal over leafy grass.

It is the new context or interpretation which gives rise to new meaning or relevance. It is open to interpretation dependent upon your world-view. The original purpose or meaning is no longer relevant hence the subject for new work.

John Owens
May 2013