John W. Owens Portfolio

Self Promotion Piece, 2008–2013, ver. 1.0 / 2013–2016 ver. 1.1 (archived)

A website showcase of the creative work of John W. Owens

Site Construction:
The site design was developed as a series of hand-coded modules using nested tables and site-wide grid layout. The use of CSS was intentionally avoided for page layout and done to illustrate John's expertise using nested tables for web design. The use of full-page scrolling was intentionally avoided with scrolling areas limited to designated text-box fields. The site's design was structured to function more as an interactive application.

The design differences between the old and new versions consisted of a visual color change (tan to white background) and the incorporation of the open source Bootstrap 3 framework for some of the page designs and functions. The Bootstrap-based portfolio pages were the gallery pages from with some of the HTML code adapted and re-used for the portfolio site. All HTML code was tweaked by hand.

One of the objectives of this site was to have its nested-table based layout design act as a counterpoint to the extensive use of CSS and JavaScript in's design (business web site). The idea was to have these sites serve as a demonstration of John's skill set range.

In 2017, the portfolio site was moved to and transitioned to a purchased Bootstrap 3 licensed template to insure full responsiveness in the design and minimize site maintenance.

John created all aspects of the site design including graphics, site structure, and content.